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We are a family-owned personal injury law firm serving clients from Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, and all-over New Brunswick. If you have questions about your legal right, we encourage you to book a free consultation with us. We won’t ask for any legal fees unless and until you recover.

About Melanson Law

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Our personal injury lawyers exclusively represent the side of the injured party. We have represented thousands of injured individuals in their personal injury claims in Fredericton, and throughout New Brunswick, and we have helped them recover the compensation they deserve. Our injury lawyers will not only get you an excellent result on your personal injury claim but they are also trained in trauma-informed practices to help support you as you navigate the legal system.

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Types of accidents we can help with

We represent injured individuals for the following types of claims:

Motor vehicle accidents

New Brunswick has mandatory automobile insurance, that includes some basic coverage under four policy sections (A, B, C, & D). If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, your car accident lawyer can help you recover different types of compensation and benefits under these policies of insurance.

Slip and falls

Slip and fall claims involve accidents resulting from slipping on ice, slipping on water, tripping over a hazard, or having a hazard strike you. These accidents may occur in a store, on a walkway, at someone’s home, or in other areas.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims occur when a doctor, or other medical professionals, makes a mistake that results in injury or loss. These claims often require securing evidence and expert opinions early and it is important to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

Fatal accidents

Tragically, some accidents can result in death at the time of the accident or after. In New Brunswick, special statutory claims can be brought for a wrongful death or fatal accidents.

Motorcycle accidents

New Brunswick has mandatory automobile insurance, that includes some basic coverage under four policy sections (A, B, C, & D). If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you are entitled to different types of compensation and benefits under these policies of insurance.


If you have been assaulted, you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries. An assault may include hitting, kicking, punching, or pushing. An assault can also be of a sexual nature, such as rape. Even if criminal charges are not pursued, or the perpetrator is not convicted, a civil claim can still be successful.  

Pedestrian and Cyclist Accidents

If you are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle while walking or on a bicycle, you are entitled to coverage for your injuries under the motor vehicle’s insurance policy, regardless of whether you have insurance. If someone else is at fault for the accident, you may be entitled to compensation for treatment and medication expenses, past and future loss of income, general damages for pain and suffering, loss of valuable services, future cost of care, and more.

Privacy Violations

Courts have recently recognized that violations of privacy can give rise to a claim. You may have a claim where your privacy is invaded when your information is improperly accessed, collected, or shared.

How Melanson Law can help

Our accident lawyers are here to support you

Different types of accidents or injuries may entitle you to varying compensation or benefits under diverse insurance policies. Engaging a personal injury lawyer early on can ensure you recover all the compensation you are entitled too. Melanson Law can help navigate claims involving multiple policies, and apply pressure on insurance companies or personally liable defendants to offer fair settlements. Feeling overwhelmed after an accident is normal, but personal injury lawyers, like those at Melanson Law, can guide you through accessing medical care, dealing with insurance companies, and ensuring fair compensation for your expenses and losses.

Types of Injuries

Types of injuries we work with

We represent clients for personal injury claims with all types of injuries. Some of the injuries that clients commonly sustain are:

The Three Parts Of A Personal Injury Claim


Opening the Claim

Consult with Melanson Law for free legal advice and representation, including claim assessment, benefits support, and initiating litigation if necessary.


Exchange of Information and Discovery

Legal support collects evidence, requests documents, engages experts, and keeps communication to ensure full compensation and progress in your claim, including examination for discovery if necessary.


Resolution of the Claim and Receiving Compensation

Claim resolution process: Negotiation, settlement proposals, trial if necessary, and potential appeal.

The entire Melanson Law team is committed to your best interests.

Client Testimonials

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Take a moment to explore experiences shared by our valued clients who have found success with Melanson Law’s legal services.

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George Crawford
George Crawford
Melanson Law was the greatest Law Firm to deal with if I ever had to get another Lawyer for anything it would be them they worked very hard to get the best for me I sincerely appreciate the hard work you did for me Jessica Melanson
william mcnulty
william mcnulty
I would strongly recommend melanson law for any injury claims they went above and beyond for me,Brent is very good at what he does he will fight for you to get everything you deserve,I wasnt expecting to get all that much of a settlement but I was blown away when I got the check and trust Brent and the team will do the same for you,you will be so happy the you chose melanson law.i call brent"the bulldog " and he lives up to that name,I seen this at the discovery hes very aggressive and goes all in for you,just want to say thanks again to Brent and the team and do yourself a favor and call melanson law you wont regret it
barry sheppard
barry sheppard
My experience with Melanson Law was great. The team was successful and positive and they exceeded all my expectations both in practice and in knowledge. If you wish to find a great team of lawyers who knows the law and will do whatever they can to help you, I would recommend Melanson Law.
Dylan leger
Dylan leger
Jennifer Murray
Jennifer Murray
My experience with Mr. Melanson was both successful and positive. I found that he is a very driven individual and he is very easy to get along with. He was genuinely concerned about my situation and did everything in his power to assist me; he exceeded all my expectations both in practice and in knowledge. If you wish to find a lawyer who knows the law and will do whatever he can to help you, I would recommend Mr. Melanson.

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