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New Brunswick Personal Injury Lawyer Revamps Website To Be A Better Public Resource

June 15, 2023

FREDERICTON, NB:  Melanson Law, a well-established and recognized New Brunswick personal injury law firm, is in the process of revamping its website.  The updates, which focus on accessible resources, are intended to help the public and potential clients make informed decisions as they navigate their legal options.  

Melanson Law, which serves communities throughout the province of New Brunswick, has been assisting clients with motor vehicle accident and injury claims for more than thirty years.  The father-daughter legal team has represented clients at the trial and appellate levels of Court in New Brunswick. Brent has also appeared at the Supreme Court of Canada.  Melanson Law’s areas of practice include fatal injuries, negligence claims, disability claims, slips and falls, insurance claims, personal injury claims, head injuries, and more.  

Jessica and Brent Melanson are passionate about their work, championing the legal rights of their clients and diligently fighting for the best possible outcome in every case they take on.  But they often encounter clients who are overwhelmed by the complexities of the legal system and require support, understanding, and help navigating their options.  While this is an important facet of Melanson Law’s work, Jessica Melanson believes that clear and accessible legal resources can also make a significant difference.  It is why she is working so hard to revamp the firm’s website.  

“When people have legal information and options presented to them in a clear and straightforward way,” she said, “they feel empowered and prepared to move forward with the options that will serve them best.  When people visit our website, they are often looking for information, and we want to make the answers to their questions readily available and accessible.”  Work on the Melanson Law website is ongoing, and Jessica encourages people to visit and provide feedback if they have any.  

To see the website and for more information about Melanson Law and the services it provides, visit

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Jessica Melanson

Jessica Melanson, an experienced personal injury lawyer and University of New Brunswick graduate, leads Melanson Law, a family-owned firm focused on injury law. Melanson Law is committed to getting our clients the best possible results. We use trauma-informed approaches with clients as we guide them through the injury law process. We provide our clients with the information and support they need to understand their claim and the system as we work diligently to resolve their claim.

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