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Fredericton Personal Injury Lawyers Pursue Opportunities To Improve Legal Support For Sexual Assault Survivors

May 26, 2023

FREDERICTON, NB:  Melanson Law, a highly regarded personal injury law firm serving communities throughout New Brunswick, is foregrounding work with sexual assault survivors.  From seeking out education opportunities to collaborating with community organizations, the father-daughter lawyer team is making legal support for victims of sexual violence a priority.  

For more than thirty years, Melanson Law has been helping people with motor vehicle accident and injury claims.  The firm is passionate about championing its clients’ legal rights, helping them navigate the complex legal system, and getting them the best possible results.  Serving the communities of Fredericton, Moncton, Saint John, and the surrounding areas, Melanson Law offers legal assistance related to car accidents, fatal injuries, negligence claims, disability claims, slip and falls, insurance claims, personal injury claims, head injuries, and more.  It has represented clients at the trial and appellate levels of Court in New Brunswick, and at the Supreme Court of Canada.  

Over the years, Brent Melanson and Jessica Melanson, have become increasingly aware of the challenges that survivors of sexual assault often face when they interact with the legal system.  As a result, they have dedicated efforts to being part of the solution.  Jessica and Brent volunteer with Sexual Violence New Brunswick, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support those impacted by sexual violence. Melanson Law is involved with two of that agency’s programs: one is a pilot project that offers free legal advice to sexual assault survivors; the other is a training program for civil litigation lawyers on trauma-informed practices.  

Recently, Jessica Melanson also attended a conference through Osgoode Law School titled “Civil Assault: Critical and Emerging Issues 2023”, which focused on updating legal professionals on the most critical issues in the arena of civil sexual assault.  She is committed to ongoing education in this realm for herself and the entire legal team.  

“We are committed to getting the best results possible for our clients and helping to empower our clients throughout the litigation process” she said.  

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Jessica Melanson

Jessica Melanson, an experienced personal injury lawyer and University of New Brunswick graduate, leads Melanson Law, a family-owned firm focused on injury law. Melanson Law is committed to getting our clients the best possible results. We use trauma-informed approaches with clients as we guide them through the injury law process. We provide our clients with the information and support they need to understand their claim and the system as we work diligently to resolve their claim.

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